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What if you could save 24 hours in your current AST workflow?

Avails eQUANT™ system delivers an automated 0.5 McFarland in about one hour from a PBC for a same day AST


eQUANT™ offers an accelerated antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) workflow*

eQUANT timeline


eQUANT™ immediately saves 24 hours in the current AST Workflow by replacing 4 manual steps with one automated step in as fast as 40min*

Avails eQUANT™

Time Savings

Immediately saves 24 hours in the current AST workflow


Generates 0.5 McFarland directly from a PBC in as fast as 40 minutes


Can be used with disk diffusion AST

*Under Development. CAUTION – Investigational device. Limited by Federal law to investigational use.

A big problem in a big market.

Avails Medical aims to become the world leader in accelerated antibiotic susceptibility testing, starting with the Sepsis (Bacteremia) diagnostics market. Sepsis costs the US healthcare system $24B+ annually, with more than 2 million new cases a year in the US alone. Between 40%-60% of infected people die – far more than the number of U.S. deaths from prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined. The risk of death from sepsis increases by as much as 8% for every hour that treatment is delayed, which is why rapid testing is so important.