The future of diagnostics with the Avails Medical sensor technology


Avails Medical is advancing the current diagnostics market with a proprietary platform that transforms biochemical reactions into electrical signals.


The Avails digital sensor technology is being developed to streamline the legacy laboratory in-vitro diagnostic process in one device.


Our intuitive, easy-to use device is being developed to provide a digital read-out of microorganism metabolism, enabling real-time pathogen quantification and AST in human specimens.

Avails eQuant system delivers an automated 0.5 McFarland in about one hour from a PBC for a same day AST

Avails’ eQuant system delivers your organism specific 0.5 McFarland directly from a positive blood culture (PBC) in an average of one hour, enabling initiation of any antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) within hours of blood culture positivity.

Current laboratory workflow including a subculture can take days

eQuant produces an automated 0.5 McFarland in about one hour

Product in development. Specifications subject to change.


eQuant is based on a compact single module instrument which holds a cuvette integrated with an electrical sensor and is inoculated with a diluted sample of positive blood culture. Changes in metabolic byproducts of micro-organisms are then monitored in real-time, providing precise organism specific 0.5 McFarland suspensions compatible with conventional AST methods including disk diffusion.

  • Minimal hands-on time
  • Works with conventional and non-rapid AST methods


eQuant is being developed to preserve precious bench top real estate in the clinical laboratory, allowing the use of single or multiple units for handling all positive blood cultures in small or large microbiology labs. eQuant’s unique features include:

  • Compact size easily expandable to multiple units
  • Fully automated, walkaway system
  • Simple cartridge loading
  • User-friendly

Future workflow will be streamlined even more dramatically by Avails

Rapid detection and quantification of pathogens with digital biosensors.

eQuant is being developed to optimize simple sample preparation with minimal hands-on time, for seamless integration into the laboratory workflow.

Avails’ novel patented electrical sensors will respond to small metabolic byproducts produced by microorganisms for growth detection, and precise pathogen quantification.