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Antibiotic resistance is a global challenge


The world is facing a major threat of antibiotic resistance. We aim to address this issue by transforming the way we detect infections with an innovative, fast and real-time technology.


The U.S market for infectious disease diagnostics exceeds $20 billion annually, providing a significant opportunity for companies that provide more rapid and accurate solutions.

Avails technology will serve the existing market by improving existing workflow and time-to-results. Providing physicians with AST results early on to inform their therapeutic decisions is critical to improving health outcomes.

A better way forward with Avails

Avails Medical will transform the current practice.

eQuant will reduce the turnaround time for AST testing from days to hours, enabling clinicians to optimize antibiotic selection and dosage specific to the individual patient days earlier. This will improve patient’s health outcomes, decrease mortality rates and reduce healthcare costs.